Legal Lectors services are provided by lawyers or legally qualified translators in their native language.

Legal translations:

The correct use of terminology and grammar is a fundamental requirement for translations, in general. In order to translate legal documents, however, specialised knowledge and subject-related expertise is indispensable as legal terms have far-reaching implications.

In order to fully comprehend the complexities of a specialised document and produce an exact translation that fully takes into account the document’s legal, financial, political and other implications, a translator must have sound knowledge of the subject matter in question.

Legal Lectors translations are produced by lawyers / legally qualified translators with sound knowledge of the legal, financial and political systems concerned. Translation jobs are assigned exclusively to members of the Legal Lectors network and not sub-contracted to third party translators or other agencies. The client is able to directly communicate with our translator, and vice versa, in order to prevent misunderstandings, inaccurate interpretations, or omissions of essential facts or implications.

Practice areas

– International commercial law and law of contracts
– Corporate lax
– Tax law
– Maritime law
– Energy law
– Media law
– Copyright law
– Real property law
– Litigation